why BAZAR365?

All around the world, a huge amount of plastic waste – 353.3 million metric tons to be exact – is made every year. Shockingly, only a tiny 9% of all that plastic waste is recycled. And in the future, by the year 2060, the amount of plastic waste might become three times bigger, going over a gigantic 1 billion metric tons!
Let's think about Bangladesh, the place we call home. Every year, about 636 tons of plastic waste is made here. And if we look at just Dhaka city, each of us makes around 25 kg of plastic waste on average.
Bazar365 is not just a regular online platform to do groceries. We're here to help fix this plastic problem. By making it easy for you to choose eco-friendly options and join in reducing plastic waste, we're working together to stop this big problem from getting worse. Our goal isn't only to give you an easy way to shop and win rewards; it's also to help you live in a way that's kind to the Earth.
So, when you choose Bazar365, you're choosing to be part of something important. You're helping the environment, and the future, and making a world where being kind to nature is just how we live.